Thanks for checking out my portfolio site. What am I currently up to? Well, here is a list of my current activities:

I am a co-founder of a small tech company specializing in web & mobile applications with a focus on the social network industry. Official developer on Apple’s App Store & Google Play.
I am the creator / co-founder of GreekAFRadio, a streaming platform (website, app, & Alexa) that brings music, podcasting, and shows in a radio format to a global audience.
I am the creator and co-founder of a niche shopping app & website called Greekazon.
I’m a partner and CTO of a great wine club featuring a social networking app, website, & podcast for the wine community.
I am co-founder of a Greek Wine Club app & website specializing in sales, subscriptions, and events centered around Greek wine.
I own and operate a Greek cooking & lifestyle app & website with my sisters.
I created a streaming showpodcast, & video channel with co-host actor/comedian Angelo Tsarouchas, designed to explore and enhance our Greek culture all across North America through humor and discussion.
I co-founded a small tech business app & website providing donation & fundraising capabilities for churches and organizations.
I run an app, podcast & website social network for the Greek community of New England.
I created a podcast with sports agent Sean Stellato to promote inspiration through interviews with professional athletes, actors, doctors, influencers, and anyone that truly inspires.
I created an app & website social network for all visitors to the Greek island of Santorini. Officially launching in May 2022!